Rules and Questions

What will give an idea the greatest chance of being selected for funding?

  • Creativity
  • Generosity
  • Specificity
  • Connecting people in new and interesting ways
  • Already having a group of people ready to carry it out
  • Spreading kindness for kindness` sake
  • Has an element of surprise or the unexpected
  • Will help people feel connected and appreciated
  • Builds pride in our community
  • Your submission includes a link to a short video introducing your idea and team

What acts of kindness won’t be funded?

We won’t fund actions that:

  • have already taken place
  • are designed solely to benefit the person performing the action, or their immediate family and friends
  • advocate for a particular political party, candidate, or political agenda, or that¬†promote a particular business, organization, product, service, set of religious beliefs or worldview
  • pay off bills, such as utility, debts, medical, veterinary, mortgage, rent
  • fundraise for individuals or other charitable organizations
  • discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, or other protected status
  • otherwise don’t meet the spirit and goals of this project

Do you have any ideas for acts of kindness?

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has a great set of ideas to get you started; check out “Ideas For Your Community“.

Here are some others:

How old do I have to be to propose an act of kindness for funding?

We’ll take ideas from all ages! If you are under 18 we’ll ask your parent/guardian to complete a consent form before considering your idea.

Can I submit multiple ideas?

Yes, but we ask that you limit it to submitting three of your best ideas during each funding period.

If my idea is selected, what do I have to do?

We’ll be in touch with you to confirm a few things (that you’re a local resident, that your plan meets the criteria for the project, that you’re over 18 or have parental/guardian consent), and then deliver the funds to you (either directly by check or, if your idea involves purchasing goods/services from a vendor, to the vendor).

As a part of carrying out your act of kindness, we ask that you take video and photos to capture it, and share those with us. We may post the story of your act of kindness on this website to help inspire other people in their own thinking.

How long do I have to carry out my idea?

We ask that you carry out your act of kindness within two (2) months after it is selected for funding.

Do I need to get permission to carry out the act of kindness in a certain place?

If you plan to carry out your act of kindness at your place of work, school, inside a store or business, or in someone else’s residence, make sure you have their permission to do so. If your act of kindness involves a lot of people gathering in a public space or if it might affect traffic, you may also need to get an event permit from the City. Neither this project & its supporters nor Chris Hardie will be responsible for ensuring that you meet any and all legal requirements in carrying out your act of kindness. Please be kind and respectful, and err on the side of being a good neighbor to anyone who might be inconvenienced or otherwise affected.

Do I have to be a 501(c)3 to receive funding?

Nope! In fact, we want to complement the existing funding available to our local not-for-profits by instead looking for ideas and projects primarily from individuals not already responsible for the work of those organizations.

If my idea is not selected, will you tell me why? Can I resubmit it?

Depending on the volume of ideas we receive, we may not be able to respond in detail for each one that is not selected for funding. You are welcome to resubmit your idea with changes.

Can I make a donation to support this project?

Yes, thanks! Donations are not tax deductible. For now please email for details.

What if there’s no idea selected for funding in a given time period?

Available funds may roll over to future periods at our discretion.

What if I don’t have an idea but want to help carry out an act of kindness?

Great! Sign up for our kind army mailing list and we’ll let you know when there’s an action organized by someone else coming up that you could join in on.

Types of updates you want to receive:

Who is paying for this? Who makes the decisions about what gets funded?

Chris Hardie, a Richmond resident.

I am in financial need, can I apply to have funds given directly to me?

Sorry, no. While that is not the purpose of this project, there are other organizations in the area that may be able to help you. Please try contacting:

or Dial 211 for Health and Human Services information and referrals.