Summer updates

Hope you’re having a good summer! Here are a few updates.

Back in June, the folks at the Richmond Sanitary District had a great time with the appreciation lunch that we helped fund in April:

Thanks again to Alaina Geres for making that happen!

This weekend, another project funded earlier this year is coming to life. Safia Diarra says,

On Friendship Day (Sunday, August 5th) a special event will take at Mary Scott Park from 3-6pm. The purpose of this event is to show that anyone who lives in Richmond, especially those from minority cultures and races are included and valued in this tight community. 

As a minority myself, I know that we have not always felt welcome in Richmond, but my hope is that though this event, ALL members of the community can feel appreciated.  I hope to see everyone on August 5that Mary Scott Park where snacks and drinks will be provided and friendship bracelets will be passed out.

If you’re able, please join in!

There were no project submissions during June or July, so we’re starting fresh in August with $500 in funds available for an act of kindness. Please spread the word!

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