Update on April projects: Little Free Libraries, appreciation lunch

Two of the projects we awarded funds to in our April 2018 round are seeing great progress. The folks at Women’s Workshop Richmond have been hard at work building a half-dozen Little Free Libraries, which aim to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world:

When the Libraries are completed they’ll be put up in various public spaces around town. Additionally, Women’s Workshop Richmond will be facilitating some power tool workshops for women so they can continue to build their own LFLs. How cool is that?

For another project, Alaina Geres decided she wanted to thank the people who work so hard to clean up the city. She leveraged the momentum from being awarded KIND.ARMY funds to bring together a bunch of other sponsors, and later this month will host a luncheon for employees of the Richmond Sanitary District’s Solid Waste & Landfill department:

“These employees are working really hard so we can keep our city clean and beautiful all year long,” said Geres. We hope it’s a great event!

Do you have an idea for a project that could help bring some kindness to your Richmond neighbors? Submit it now! We’ve awarded close to $1,000 already (made possible in part by some generous folks who have sent in additional project funds) and we have $250 ready to award for our June 2018 cycle. (We’ll be announcing the project funded from May 2018 soon.)

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One thought on “Update on April projects: Little Free Libraries, appreciation lunch

  1. Those are GREAT projects.
    I love the lunch for sanitary district employees.
    And the libraries are so clever and needed
    These grants are making a big difference
    Thank you Mjclark

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