Over $700 awarded for April ideas, accepting May ideas now

One possibility I considered when starting this project is that other people might be inspired enough to chip in their own funds for acts of kindness on top of what I had personally set aside. I was not expecting that to happen in the first month, though, and so it was such a pleasant surprise to start getting donation offers.

What that means today is that out of the five great ideas submitted in April 2018, we’re going to be able to fund three of them with $740 total! I’ve already contacted the people who sent in their acts of kindness and we’re working out the details now.

We’ll share more about each act of kindness later, but know that a group of people who work hard to keep our city clean have a nice surprise coming their way, a project that will promote positive neighborhood interactions is about to launch a fun new phase, and an event will be popping up soon that aims to welcome parts of our community that don’t always feel welcome. I was thrilled at the creativity and generosity of all the ideas sent in, and appreciate everyone who took the time to spread the word.

Now, we’re accepting idea submissions for the May 2018 round, where up to $250 is available for your act of kindness. (And of course if others decide to again contribute more funds, it could be higher than that.) If you have an idea, you can submit it now.

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