Cultivating acts of kindness
in Richmond, Indiana.

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness that you can carry out in our city? Every month we’ll pick one idea that will receive funding to help make it happen.

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What types of acts of kindness are we looking for? Big or small, we want actions that will…

  • be pleasantly surprising
  • help people smile
  • make people feel appreciated
  • connect neighbors with each other
  • help people laugh
  • build pride in our community

Up to $500 available for April 2019‘s winning idea


The idea is pretty simple: we want to encourage more acts of kindness in Richmond, Indiana.

There’s no agenda, no desired outcome beyond making people smile and connecting each other in new and interesting ways.

Starting in April 2018, we set aside some money to fund one selected act of kindness every month. We’ll select the idea that stands out as being especially creative, generous, and full of potential to bring kindness to our area. (Learn more about what we’re looking for.) We’ll notify the person who submitted the idea, confirm a few things with them, and then issue the funds. And then we’ll start all over again the next month.

So far we’ve awarded $950 to chosen ideas.

Soon we’ll also post stories about acts of kindness in our area. Even if you don’t coordinate anything through this project, please send us your photos, videos and stories about local acts of kindness so we can share them with others as inspiration.

Submit An Idea

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness that you want to carry out? Would some financial support help you make it happen? Great! Please make sure you read through our rules and frequently asked questions, and then…

Submit An Idea Now

Once your idea is submitted we’ll get back to you (usually within a few days) with any follow-up questions. We’ll announce the one winning idea selected for funding around the beginning of each month.


I want to take my neighborhood block out to lunch at a local restaurant.

Neighborhood lunch

I want to write and send thank-you cards to first responders.

Thank you cards

I want to bring gifts to patients at the hospital.

Patient visits

I want to hand out fresh flowers to people on the sidewalk.

Flowers for passers by

I want to organize free childcare at an event that wouldn’t otherwise have one.


I want to hold a surprise wedding reception for couples getting married at the Courthouse.

Wedding reception

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Thanks to our sponsors who have contributed additional funds to make even more projects happen:

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  • Ardene Schoeffler
  • Kelly Burk

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